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fotografia brand kit template instagram
fotografia brand kit template instagram
Created by EssenceStock

Fotografia Brand Kit Template

There is no secret that gorgeous branding and premium resources attract premium clients or customers.


Professional, premium quality, consistent, streamlined brand guidelines along with logos, business cards and all the social media graphics to match (and more!).

Oh yeah… and you won’t have to design from scratch, learn complicated software, or spend thousands on a designer.

Fotografia Brand Kit Template Collections

Social Media Template

Post Template

Pre-made layouts that may be customized to suit every single daily post.

Canva Instagram Post Template

Fotografia Social Feed Post

$20.00 inc. Vat

Link in Bio Template

Pre-made layouts to connect your followers with all of your offers in one page.

Link in Bio Template

Fotografia Biolink Website

$15.00 inc. Vat

Puzzle Template

Pre-made layouts which you upload one at a time, to create a big, fascinating and focused artistic collage.

Canva Instagram Puzzle Template

Fotografia Instagram Puzzle

$15.00 inc. Vat

Story Template

Pre-made layouts to build a deeper narrative than a sequence of pictures can provide and take action.

Canva Instagram Story Template

Fotografia Story Post

$15.00 inc. Vat

Carousel Template

Pre-made layouts to shows lengthy material in one post with a fantastic swipe method.

Canva Instagram Carousel Template

Fotografia Carousel Post

$10.00 inc. Vat

Highlight Template

Pre-made layouts to maintain the Instagram profile on the mark and aesthetic to the next level.

Canva Instagram Highlights Template

Fotografia Highlight Covers

$5.00 inc. Vat

Reels Template

Pre-made layouts to make a slideshow of your best photos on Instagram.

Canva Reel Template

Fotografia Video Reels

$23.50 inc. Vat

Youtube Template

Pre-made layouts to Strengthen your branding on your YouTube channel.

Fotografia Brand Kit Template

Pinterest Template

Pre-made layouts to make the pin it pinterest posts simpler for you.

Fotografia Brand Kit Template

Facebook Template

Pre-made layouts for your facebook business account.

Fotografia Brand Kit Template
Printable Template


Pre-made layouts for printed paper that include your business information and address.

Fotografia Brand Kit Template

Business Card

Pre-made layouts with business information about you or your brand on a simple card.

Canva Business Card Templates

Fotografia Business Card

$5.00 inc. Vat

Invoice & Proposal

Pre-made layouts of invoice or proposal templates that are ready to go for your business.

Fotografia Brand Kit Template


Pre-made layouts of other printable templates that will complete your business needs.

Fotografia Brand Kit Template
Website Template


Pre-made symbol for a sign that used by your consumers to identify your brand.

Fotografia Brand Kit Template


Pre-made backdrop design for ebook pdf files that you may use as a lead magnet.

Fotografia Brand Kit Template

Canva Website

Pre-made layouts for a single web page to highlight your business service or product.

Fotografia Brand Kit Template

Email Template

Pre-made layouts for email template to give your email marketing a professional look.

Fotografia Brand Kit Template


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fotografia brand kit template instagram

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