Refund Policy is proud to provide the best service for everyone. We understand, however, that even our best will make mistakes sometimes.

Because the products we offer are digital and cannot be returned, your purchase is only eligible for a refund in the following situations (maximum 30 days refund period from purchase):

  • You purchased two licenses (membership plan), accidentally.
  • You have purchased (only for the membership plan) and have not accessed any templates.

Unfortunately, if your refund request is due to the following situations, we would not be able to make a refund for your purchases:

  • You purchased it by mistake, and our system shows that you’ve accessed the template.
  • You purchased a single product or brand and not a membership plan.
  • You found another product you like better, or you’ve changed your mind about your purchase.
  • You don’t have the right expertise to use the item and its types of files.
  • You are having trouble accessing the template because your internet is not fast enough, is not stable.
  • You claim the template is experiencing a technical issue, but you are unable or unwilling to provide sufficient evidence for the technical issue.
  • Your product purchase was made over 30 days ago.
  • The item is no longer needed by you or your client.
  • You’re having difficulty accessing the item (our support team will assist you if this is happening).

When a refund has been accepted, the purchased membership will be deleted permanently from your account.

All refunds are at the sole discretion of EssenceStock.

If you have further concerns, please contact us for assistance. 🙂