The license terms below apply to all essencestock asset either obtained on the official website or through other marketplaces.


    ☑ You can edit the colors, texts, add other images and elements.
    ☑ You can use it for working with your client’s as long as your agency plan subscription is active.
    ☑ You can print template from printable template category.

    ☑ You can use lead magnet template as a lead magnet in JPG, PNG or PDF format.


    ☒ You cannot sell, share access link or make it downloadable on public media (such as websites) and other public cloud storage.
    ☒ You cannot give clients or others access to editable canva.
    ☒ You cannot use it for working with your clients when you stop your agency plan subscription.
    ☒ You cannot use non-lead magnet template as a lead magnet.
    ☒ You cannot share the lead magnet template in editable Canva.

Infringing on our license conditions may result in financial penalties as well as lost time for you and your business. To the extent that a copyright notification comes from a designer who has worked with us, and we determine that you have violated our license, we will not defend you and you must take legal action to settle the matter. Plus, anyone found to violate these terms will have their membership and account banned immediately and without warning.

The rights granted to you are non-transferable and non-sublicensable, meaning that you cannot transfer license to anyone else. Only account holders who have proof of purchase are recognized as holders of licenses and usage rights.

No, you can’t. We forbid you to resell our template in any format.